To make it short Clean ~/Library/Cache and ~/Library/Developer/***

Today, I meet the “startup disk full” again. OK, a 128G disk is really small :( Finally, I get 13GB back.

I met that before, I exported all my photos in my iPad to my Mac that time, and it took at least 14G space. I deleted some movies and moved all the photos to my mobile disk.

Well, I have no idea this time, I have no movies and no bunch of photos on my Mac, why the space keep decreasing.

I need to figure out the little thorn in my flesh!

I started from ~, it takes 64GB of my space, half of my tiny disk. Let help it to lose some weight.

I checked the directory size one by one, new skill got when I did that.

Show invisible files in Finder

  1. defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -bool true
  2. Log out and in again or killall Finder

When you want to hide the invisible files, use this defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -bool false

I found that ~/Library took 30+GB of my space, the little bastard must be in there

I follow into ~/Library and I found that ~/Library/Cache took 10+GB and ~/Library/Developer took 20+GB!!!

the cache directory seems to be safe to delete. New tips:

du -s * | sort -n

Sort the filename by size, help to find the biggest cache

And there are cache of Xcode in Developer too, there is a DerivedData in Developer/Xcode keeping codes of previous iOS projects, it’s safe to delete and will release many GBs space.

And there is a iOS DeviceSupport, from this post

It is safe to delete the versions you are not supporting and will not get crash reports from the field.

Clear some old stuff will release many GBs too!!!

Finally I got 13+GB back.